Analytics Need a UX, Too.

Your business doesn't need more software to build more analytics. Your teams need Symphony to immerse your team in a user experience with consistent access, collaboration and curation that bring people, process and analytics together in decision-making. No matter what applications are used to develop your analytics, Symphony provides a user-friendly environment for data literacy, alignment, and digital problem-solving.

Analytics Engagement for All.

Make it easier for people to be data-driven if you want a data-driven culture.

The problem with analytics interactions today is users can't find their data. Finance data is siloed from operational and marketing data. Some analytics are in a Power BI server, and the others are in Tableau. Team members will give up, disengage, or self-service becomes someone-else service, wasting time and resources. Symphony solves these problems.

Centralized Analytics

Users login once to find self-service analytics, however they're built. Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, etc. play together here.

Curated Analytics

Symphony provides categorization, keyword searches, and helpful explanations for end-users to understand the tools they are using.

Integrated Collaboration

Work and analyze in-platform to share findings, ask questions, and workshop ideas for data-driven performance improvement.

Universal Permissioning

User and content permissions in one place. Users or groups access content permitted to them from any analytics server.

Symphony's Analytics hub

Symphony's Analytics "hub" reduces friction to engage and to act on data analytics.

Don't make your team hunt and pick different servers, sites and folders. Enable a data-driven culture with ease of access. All self-service analytics live here.

A User-Driven Analytics Experience

Symphony solves the obvious but overlooked: all analytics content should be easy to find in a single place and easily searchable if you want people to depend on it.

Analytics from Anywhere

Those that build self-service BI use different tools for different results, and they should. Symphony makes Tableau, Qlik, and PowerBI interaction centralized for all to access easily.

A Simple UI Makes Everyone Doers

Consistently move through or reset your data interrogation, share with others, or save a favorite view for later, no matter where the analytics were built.

Curated Analytics Foster Adoption

Curated Analytics Foster Adoption

Symphony makes it easier for users to include data in their processes by providing clear analytics subjects, objectives, and data definitions in their UX.

Robust Analytics Search

Search titles, categories, owners, "tags" and related content across all your BI tools.

Transparent Methodology in-Platform

Data literacy and alignment is crucial for all users, and it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Symphony's instructions, methodology and creator notes make team use more effective.

Crowdsource Engagement

User and content specific statistics let you see what analytics are receiving the most looks, questions and collaboration. Encourage adoption of the best tools while eliminating unused content to save time and resources.

Go Beyond Analytics Building

Most organizations understand the importance of user experience, and many are pouring investment into building more tools with data, yet still users are left without a platform, process and experience that facilitates a data-driven culture:

  • - Overwhelming amounts of self-service BI tools, with unclear data and unclear definitions
  • - Inconsistent access to static reports, emailed PDFs, or different servers with saved charts or data tables.
  • - Analytics tools that enable analysis, but the tech forgot the to consider how people and processes use these outputs.

To reduce the time to unlock value of a tsunami of data, you must provide a welcoming environment that integrates existing data tools, people, and their processes for decision making. Without Symphony, most of those analytics builds get ignored.


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 Embedded collaboration

Embedded collaboration together in your analytics and your process.

Your people need to share real-time findings, thoughts, and considerations from analytics to be data-driven stakeholders. Now they can.

Save Time with Bookmarks

A user's time to value is faster with our universal bookmarks. Interrogate data with available tools to save and share the most-used views for quick access and decision-making.

Share Your Bookmarks

Your favorite perspectives are more powerful if they are shared. Our bookmarks feature can be shared in-platform to any permissioned user.

Integrated Collaboration Process

A dashboard screenshot and email note just aren't good enough. Stay connected to the analytics as you interrogate, add insights, and ask questions to internal or external stakeholders, all in Symphony

Secure Your Data-Driven Culture

Secure Your Data-Driven Culture

Make analytics engagement secure while you make it easy for any number of data sources, connections and applications.

Connect Existing Applications

Symphony provides secure connections to Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, and other self-service tools, and integrates existing permission structures.

Content-level permissioning

Analytics sourced into Symphony can be permissioned by user or customized groups making management easy and robust.

Give the RIGHT access for engagement.

Varying levels of access can be given to analytics content in Symphony. Whether a user needs to view, interact and share, or administer the content, all is possible in Symphony.

Analytics Engagement for Digital Transformation

Our clients are simplifying and enhancing the way analytics are used in discovery and decision-making.

Symphony simply considers how people, process and information must synchronize after data analytics are built. Collaboration and decision-making among users, creators, analysts, outside consultants and leaders is easier. Within their own unique culture and objectives, these organizations are decreasing the time to value from existing analytics while increasing total value for the business.

Hospital Consortium


A consortium of hospitals use Symphony to access peer benchmarking analytics, analyze data and securely collaborate with their own organization or with peers across the country. By leveraging the platform, users can easily get to their most important analytic tools.

Middle East Country


The GAT team, in conjunction with the clients IT team, deployed an on-premise instance of Symphony for a federal government to source analytics from Treasury, Education, InfoSec, and Healthcare into a single place and share with all relevant stakeholders.

Privately Held Firm

Professional Services

In support of more than 30 global business units, Symphony was deployed to provide global senior leadership access and the ability to collaborate on HR, Finance, and Employee Engagement self-service analytics built across the firm in a variety of software.