Provision AND Consumption

The successful use of Business Intelligence is rooted in the competencies and behaviours of both Providers and Consumers of information. Offering a shared, holistic organisational assessment, AIM is not a tool to apportion blame, it enables the providers and consumers of information to grow together.

Why We Created This Review

An independent review of information maturity.

Much like any product or service, data has a value chain, the strength of which is impacted by people, process and technology at every stage.

Across five domains, we blend evidence with individuals' perceptions and opinion to help identify strengths, opportunities, and recommendations for improvement in leveraging value from your data and analytics.

Leadership & People

Strong leadership and promotion of a data driven culture lays foundations. Data literacy education and awareness are the building blocks.

Policies & Governance

Assurance and quality regimes drive ownership and accountability. Consistency and continuity build confidence.


Branding and consistency of analytics aid familiarity. Context and definitions aid understanding and build user knowledge.


Access to BI technologies enables self-service. Education and support deliver self-sufficiency. Are your users ready?


The journey from descriptive to prescriptive analytics. Do your KPI’s generate KPQ’s (Key Performance Questions)?

An Inclusive And Holistic Review

An Inclusive And Holistic Review

AIM is geared toward supporting you to improve information maturity at an organisation level.

Consumers and Providers

The ability to act upon analytics is multi-faceted, as much dependant on the end user as it is the producer. AIM considers all parties.

Role Based Needs

Strategic, tactical and operational information are characteristically different, as are users. Are parts of your organisation under served or less mature than others?

Reach Your Audience

A holistic review needs to offer as complete picture as possible. AIM provides the opportunity to reach all parts of your organisation and segment feedback to understand variation.

First Find The Balance, Then Advance Together

It is a common pitfall for an organisation to create the "BI Production Line” that produces endless reports, charts and tables, ultimately overwhelming end users, leading to disengagement. Equally, the ability to read, understand, and communicate data as information is not a native ability common to all.

How do you know which factors are influencing your ability to turn data into insight?

The ethos of AIM is acknowledging that multiple parties are involved in the provision and consumption of information. In segmenting these two groups AIM identifies the barriers and opportunities for improvement, helping you make real progress by advancing together, at the same pace.

Flexible Approach To Suit Your Needs

A Flexible Approach To Suit Your Needs

AIM is industry agnostic, able to scale and offer a choice of engagement approaches

Survey & Interview

The initial stage is to utilise an online survey at scale to target a wide audience. 1:1 or group based interviews are then used to address survey themes and detail.

Analytics & Reports

Based on results from the survey, dynamic analytics are provided to help you identify areas of interest and understand your promoters and detractors via NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Baseline for change or investment

Understanding the current state is critical when embarking on any initiative. The ability to pinpoint areas for investment, potential pockets of friction or your hidden advocates is invaluable.