An ever-growing set of tools.

We started with Credit Compliance but have continued to expand our eco-system of Financial Services tools at a rapid pace. If you have a need that we haven’t addressed here, please reach out to discuss your idea. We employ unique arrangements to build new solutions with our clients and love to discuss problems and potential solutions!

Focus Features

Leveraging our proprietary technology and deep industry experience to power our clients.

The focus suite of tools was constructed with the unique needs of our financial institution (FI) clients in mind. The BRG FI team has “been there, done that” and that experience is baked into everything we do.

Flexible Deployment

Tools can be deployed in a secure cloud environment or on-premise

Visually Appealing

Analytics driven through clean, concise, and robust visualizations.

End to End

Featuring workflow utilities to support entire process lifecycles.


The tools are interconnected to allow for a comprehensive view.

Advanced Technology

We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning utilities.

Data Agnostic

The suite can ingest data from a wide variety of sources and formats.

Explore Focus Tools

Focus tools are available individually or as a package depending on our client’s unique needs.

Credit Compliance

Credit Compliance

As part of our Focus digital solutions suite, we reimagined the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance process to leverage technology to reduce manpower and increase quality in a faster and more accurate way. We believe your team should spend its time innovating and reengineering processes while our solution identifies what needs attention most.

Complaints Management

Complaints Management

Our complaints analytics solution is easy to integrate and use, bringing your business the power to analyze all complaints channels in one location and the ability to benchmark performance against industry peers using CFPB data. This proprietary platform allows you to quickly identify customer and compliance risk, including the ability to focus your analysis on specific products and geography. Effortlessly track, trend, and report on complaints issues via our interactive dashboard. Drill into root causes with our integrated sampling and workflow tools, and monitor remediation.

Technology + Expertise

Our team blends technology, and technologists, with industry and subject matter experts to bring our clients the best of both worlds. This team, in conjunction with our client’s on the ground situational knowledge allows us to quickly implement solutions that drive value within days or weeks, not months. This winning combination ensures that our clients don’t waste time getting a technology only team up to speed on their industry, but instead give us direct insight on their specific challenges.

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