Why RAMP? What is it?

Risk is everywhere, changes quickly, and impacts the entire organization. An agile, data-driven approach to risk prioritization and mitigation has never had a bigger impact.

RAMP is an expert-developed risk assessment, evaluation, and mitigation process, powered by the proven BRG DRIVE™ Platform in use by thousands of clients across the globe. The RAMP product is configurable to the unique risk activities, team structure, and compliance cycle of any sized organization.

How does it work?

Compliance & Risk Management depends on data from countless sources.

RAMP integrates with the enterprise systems you already know and love, acting as a single source of truth and evolving with your team over time.

Ingest All Your Data

Compliance & Risk Management rely on data, so we built RAMP to ingest all your enterprise, manual, and public data to tell the entire story.

Expert-Designed App

“RAMP,” leverages technology to encapsulate decades of best practices by BRG’s Experts. Welcome to the future of risk management.

More Impact, Lower Cost

Searching transactions manually? RAMP leverages automation and Artificial Intelligence to identify all transactions with high-risk features.

Configured For You

One-size-fits-… None? Your risk activities, team structure, and compliance cycle are unique, so RAMP is configurable for any organization.

Expert-Built Regulatory Compliance Technology

Expert-Built Regulatory Compliance Technology

RAMP is so much more than just software. BRG’s Compliance Experts are engaged during implementation to integrate best practices from our previous experience with clients and regulators.

Data-Driven Visual Analytics

Data science and visualizations are at the core of RAMP. These tools expose gaps, trends, or insights at both the highest and lowest levels of granularity.

Insights Collaboration Hub

The intersection of human knowledge and expertise with analytics. The Insights Hub application allows for collaboration and discussion about analytic findings directly in platform.

Workflow and Automation

Collaboration, escalation, and automation are part of every business process. Our dynamic and configurable workflow engine ensures that your flavor of RAMP provides your team with exactly the tools they need.

Non-compliance is not an option

With regulatory fines in the hundreds-of-millions or billions of dollars, the cost of non-compliance is often bankruptcy. In 2020 alone, some notable non-compliance fines include: $8 billion from Purdue Pharmaceuticals, $6.8 billion from Goldman Sachs, $3 billion from Wells Fargo, and nearly $1 billion from both Westpac and JP Morgan.

Simply put, in today's regulatory environment non-compliance is not an option.


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State-of-the-Art Technology Utilities

State-of-the-Art Technology Utilities

The future is here, and it’s built into RAMP. Leverage advanced technology utilities as a force multiplier for your human workforce

Computer Vision

Use Computer Vision to “read” and extract information from documents at scale.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to drive prediction engines, identify anomalies, and quantify risk.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can receive instructions from the rest of the platform to interact with outside sources.

Representative RAMP Use Cases

Compliance & Risk Management shape the business landscape more than ever

Though some industries have faced more stringent regulation than others, data privacy, information security, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and the ethical treatment of workers are just a few risk vectors that impact businesses across virtually every sector. RAMP's flexible configuration and data connections ensure that your business's top risks are appropriately managed.

Anomaly Detection and Review


Leverage analytics and advanced technology utilities to classify risky transactions in real-time. Identified transactions enter the workflow queue of a reviewer or review team to be examined, investigated, escalated to another team, and/or resolved.

Collaborative Risk Assessment


Empower every compliance team member, business stakeholder, or external partner to assess enterprise risk with structured web-based questionnaires. Monitor completion status, visualize aggregated results, and drill into responses to categorize risk.

Implementing Risk Mitigation


Effective compliance teams develop and implement mitigation measures. Whether it calls for additional training, updated policies and procedures, or new system controls, RAMP assigns tasks, sets success metrics and dates, and monitors progress.