Automate your SF-425s. More accurate, faster, and interactive.

Through years of client service, BRG's GovCon Experts realized that manual processes to export, manipulate, and transform data for every SF-425 form needed a better solution. Valuable time and money are wasted manually completing the forms instead of analyzing the underlying data. We re-imagined an automated solution that is faster and easier, complete with investigative analytics and intelligence for stakeholders managing the business.

Simplify the Reporting Process.

Take back time with a streamlined data and reporting process.

Mandated reporting doesn't yield a lot of value, but it's required. And finance and accounting systems already have the required information, it's just stored differently and used for different purposes. Our solution makes use of existing data and requirements with far less manual intervention.

Quality Control

Before you report, you should feel confident your data is as you expect. Our QC module highlights overarching issues and specific datapoints.

Automated Processing

Connected to multiple data sources, we customize a processing routine for your organization which prepares the SF-425 for every required project in just minutes.

Supporting Analytics

With the forms complete, there is more time to focus on strategic treasury management. Our interactive analytics provide that insight.

Integrated Collaboration

Share issues, decisions, or findings with stakeholders in-platform. Streamlined discussions with analytics at the center can produce performance improvement.

GovCon's SF-425 solution makes remediating data issues

GovCon's SF-425 solution makes remediating data issues and processing your required forms easier.

Discover issues and fix them before you report. Complete your preparation in a fraction of time, and improve your data in the process.

Quality Control Dashboard

GovCon SF-425 highlights potential errors overall, and shows specific issues per award so preventative maintenance can be performed against core data sources.

Share Issues In-Platform

Highlight specific issues in the QC dashboard and share those issues with appropriate team members to investigate and remediate before reporting.

Review SF-425s Faster

The SF-425 forms are automatically populated by our solution. Spot-check your results, or share access to project owners to review and approve.

Automation & Analytics

Automation & Analytics

Finish reporting faster, with confidence, and empower your team to improve the process, not just complete it.

Complete Reporting Automation

Once you feel comfortable with all of your data, output one, some or all of your completed reports in minutes.

Enhanced Treasury Management

Our supporting analytics raise awareness related to A/R, unapplied cash, deferred revenue and more.

Collaborative Insights

As users find issues or opportunities in the analytics, those findings can be shared to other permissioned users to develop improvement and action plans.